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“The Case for Christ” is the title of the well-known book by Lee Strobel. You can search about the book and author. He is just an journalist. He is not a pastor or theologian. His speech is a kind of testimony, which we call “간증” in Korean congregation. But there is a big difference between Korean 간증 and American style testimony. In his case, his speech is more about the result of his research and project, not just a personal experience.

I would categorize this kind of message as “Apologetic.” Though the term has various meaning, but I would use it for “defending Christian faith.” Christian apologetic is a relatively unknown and uneducated area of study. It is considered even “dangerous” for some community or congregation. This is because the methodology of Apologetic is basically philosophy. If you have been educated that philosophy is just a “세상학문” or “세상철학”, you would belong to those congregations that consider Apologetic dangerous.

It is a little bit sad to see that many people don’t even know about it. There is no proper Korean translation. In Korean book, I think it is translated as “기독교 변증학” or something else. It sounds very weird in Korean. But basically it means “기독교를 설명하는 방법.” In 1 Peter 3:15 says “너희 속에 있는 소망에 관한 이유를 묻는 자에게는 대답할 것을 항상 준비하되 온유와 두려움으로 하고”. Here “대답” means “apologia”, which is Apologetic.

Anyway the approach of Lee Strobel is apologetic and it would be more appealing to modern people.