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I have a quite amount of sermon collection saved as files. My favorites are Rick Warren, Bill Hybel, Tim Keller and 전병욱 목사. Some are free download and some purchased. They are all precious to me I just couldn’t let them go once I hear them. That’s why I keep them in files, but most of the time you don’t have time to go back to old sermons because there are lots of new ones. Like reading book, sometime, you want to reference what you read and you want to browser your bookcase or library, I organized them a little bit, so I can find the sermon for a certain topic or problem. Here is the link for that sermon collection, click here.

Here is my other favorite, which is Rick Warren’s free online sermon. it provides with sermon scripts for free. Wow.
You can’t find the original sermon script for free. Usually pastors keep them as their own secrets.
Besides these sermons are great. I love them and it is the one of the way I learn. Usually you don’t have time to meditate sermons, because once it is proclaimed on pulpit you can’t remember what you heard. but here is written sermons by one of the most influential pastor in America.

hope you like it.