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grahamBy Graham Kendrick

This is a quick summary of the article from “Worship Leader” (July/August 2009) – 7 Steps to Worship Renewal.

Graham Kendrick has been described as a ‘father of modern worship music’ whose songs are ‘crammed full of poetic, divine, biblical truth’ that have ‘sculpted a view of God that has impacted generations.’
For more than 30 years he has been at the forefront of Christian music in the UK having written and recorded hundreds of songs, many of which are well known around the world, including Shine Jesus Shine, Knowing You, The Servant King and Amazing Love. Graham is based in the UK and travels internationally participating in tours, festivals, conferences and training events, as a worship leader, speaker and performer.

Worship renewal is first of all the renewal of people, transformed from within by the power of the Holy Spirit.
(예배갱신은 사람의 갱신이다. 성령에 의한 내면적 변화, 이것이 진정한 예배의 갱신이다.)

The songs were an overflow, an expression of gratitude and wonder, and a new way of relating to God and one another as a consequence of what God was doing.


What might worship renewal look like? What kind of worship expression might take place if this community of worshipers was being constantly renewed in their relationship with God and with each other. If this renewal of relationship with God, one another, and the world around us was happening, what might you hear, what might be the sound of renewal? That sound is that the “ears” of our spirit heard, as if the church found a new voice. It is the sound of God present in His people.

Finding Voice

How can leaders find the worship “voice” of their people and give it expression?

The Scripture teach us that the risen exalted Christ Himself is our Worship leader, we can ask reverently as we pray for the people we lead: “jesus, what are you singing among us, what is on Your lips to the Father on our behalf and what is the Father’s song on Your lips for us to hear.”

One of the ways we discern the songs of Father and the Son is as we listen to the overflow – put aside preference, agenda, plans and opinions for a moment and listen to what overflowing hearts of worship are saying and perhaps singing.

Evaluating and Renewing Our Practices

What started once in a genuine overflow, the hearing of God’s song among us, can in time become a familiar and comforting idol that we hold too tightly.

Love’s Renewing Power

There is a hidden power in a church that has good worship; a vigorous and effective ministry to the poor of its neighborhood.  The passion for the ministry drives the worship. Generosity generates gratitude, and a giving church will be a thankful and joyful church. The community is stretched and challenged to get involved, which in turn generates prayer, demands faith, time and finance, and infuses worship with reality and urgency.
(교회가 살아있는 신령과 진정으로 예배를 드리려면 단지 예배사역뿐만 아니라 다른 모든 사역분야에서도 성도들의 참여가 필요하며 그 사역을 통해 받은 은혜와 도전으로 인해 예배에 나오는 마음가짐이 달라지게 된다. 교회가 하는 사역은 아무것도 없이 예배만 강조하는건 일종의 예배의식을 강조하는 결과를 만든다. 예배는 곧 우리의 삶이다. 우리의 삶이 곧 거룩한 산 제사인것이다. 사역이나 전도를 통한 드려지는 삶이 없는 사람에겐 드려지는 예배도 없다.)