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Bill Hybels

(When I used to sever my ex-church, often time I was very upset with the fact that the church is not growing. I was frustrated when a new comer comes in and does not show next week. I wanted to shout at people in the church who drive out newly belivers with too much spiritual stress and demand to be align with their culture and comfort zone. What drove me crazy was the fact that people don’t really care. They pretend they care, but the way they act shows that they don’t care wether the church has a hope or future. Now I understand that was my holy discontentment as Bill Hybels said in this speech.  I believe God will harness my discontent in positive way to do His will and use me.)

What precedes the vision of leader? Holy Discontent

For example, Exodus 2, Moses was watching his own people were beaten by Egyptian. Next day Moses saw two Hebrew were beating each other. Moses couldn’t stand any more to watch the misery happening among his own people. God felt the same. He couldn’t stand any more and assign Moses to deliver his people from the misery. God chose Moses because He saw the same passion in Moses’ heart. God harness the frustration and anger inside of Moses to use it for positive way. This is the key of the leadership, God’s heart and human heart being aligned perfectly around what frustrate heaven and earth. 뽀빠이 “I can’t stand no more.”

What is it that you can’t stand? What is your holy discontent?
David couldn’t stand the trash talking of 9 foot giant, Goliath.
Martin Luther king Jr. couldn’t stand racism.
Good leaders wanted to get better at what they are doing and leadership.
But there was no event that meets this kind of need. That is what Leadership Summit was born around 10 years ago.

When you watch a church dies, do it bothers you at all?
When kids are drifting away and away from God, does it bother you?
Keep exposing yourself to the needs around you and in the world.

When you find it, holy discontentment, then feed it.
Stay close with your holy discontent.
When you are gripped by holy discontentment, your mind move into a different state, in which you begin to lead whole different level.

Hope is critical in working out of holy discontentment. Don’t let pessimism overwhelm you. Keep hope alive in you. When Hope dies in leader game is over.

Message Details

Bill Hybels builds a case for the driving force in our leadership. The “why” we do
what we do. Challenges us to identify and leverage our leadership and focus around
what we “can’t stands no more.”

Message End

Are you doing everything in your power, leading at the highest levels, going on
record saying, With God’s help, because I know it wrecks Him as much as it does
me, I’m going to spend every day of the rest of my life trying to bring hope and help
to this brokenness that creates a firestorm in me.
Now, God, I pray that You will speak to us by Your Spirit, whisper in our ears, keep
this on the forefront of our mind until every single person listening from every facility
all over the world can say, here’s what my holy discontent is, here’s what God has
given me a plan to do about it, and we’re going to do it together until the day I die.
Make that true, God. And everyone agreed and said, Amen. Thanks everybody.
Facilitator Close (How will you challenge people to take action?)