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Event : 일본여행

This was at one Sushi bar in Japan. The guy behind me, he is my travel mate. We were working at the same company and it was new employee training program and I was 28 years. So young and so confident and so fun everything in my life. The girl in front me, she was a student at Tokyo and she was a Korean. How did I met her? I was asking her direction in Japanese and I got it. And she said "Are you Korean?" in Korean after all.
Sorry man, I can't remember your name. We were on the same boat for 2 weeks and we had a plenty of money and our target was to travel from Osaka, Kyoto and to Tokyo. We had a full travel plan and a project also. We did a survey which was written in Japanese. Who made this? of course, its me. I went to Japanese speaking class for 6 months preparing this trip. 
look at my hair style. I changed my hair style for this trip. I wanted to make myself Japanese looking and my fashion too. So people on the street can't tell if I am Korean. If you want to learn Japan you got to be Japanese, language, culture, way of thinking, even food. Did I learn something from Japan? Yes I surely did. What did I learn? I learned I can be anywhere in the world and I can't learn anything before I love Japan.
This is Tokyo Disney land. First time visiting. Just like a kid. not tired at all. Just enjoy what has given to me. I want to travel Japan again. The country Japan gave me a lot of good impression. I didn't even think about historical background. Yes there was some humiliating story in our history and I am not forgetting about that. But so what? We need to get over with that and move on. and maybe spread Gospel in the future.


Jongha Hwang
이때가 아마 내 20대 전성기(?). 신입사원때죠. 엄청 자신감이 넘치던때.
아무튼 일본에 가서 괭장했습니다. 2주 동안 일본 열도를 뒤흔들다 왔다고나 할까 ^^
그땐 일본말도 꽤 했죠. 아 ~ 참 좋았었는데...
April 14, 2012 00:22 am
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