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Event : 호주여행

This was on the boat at Sydney Australia May, 1997. How can I remember exactly? Because that was the time I quit my job at Hanwha after 2 and half years.  And also one month before I came to US. At that time I got an admission from school and everything was ready. Only thing I was waiting for was just a flight. I'v never been to US before and starting new life at the city called, Philadelphia.  Can you guess the excitement I have at that time?
Can you see my white bag pack? I brought that in US and used while I was in school. I was 29 and 30 years old. Did I go to church at that time? Well, No. I have decided not to go church again. Why? I thought God didn't answer my prayer which I desperately wanted. I was still happy without God in my life until I came to Philly.
Can you read something from my face? You know why I didn't go to church. It was just one month after I broke up with my girl friend after long running struggle for 3 years. She stayed and I left. My blue t-shirt, she liked this very much and it was my favorite cloth because she liked it. I still have this but barely remember any story with this. We really wanted to travel together somewhere oversea. And this was my first oversea trip and she was not with me.
But I was not all alone. I could find some friend from my package group. We went rafting? It was awesome. Best experience I ever had in my life. It was real white water and we were on boat for 6 hours. Dangerous? of course. that's why I like it. It makes you feel alive. It makes you shout as loud as you can and let your spirit fly into somewhere deep into the river. You should try.....


Jongha Hwang
미국오기전에 바로 한달전에 다녀왔죠. 사귀던 여자친구랑 헤어진후 맘정리도 할겸.
진짜 재미있었죠. 아마 내생에 최고의 여행이 아닐까.
라프팅하는 거 보이시죠. Keinz에 있는 어떤강인데 6시간동안 완전 white water.
April 14, 2012 00:18 am
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