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Event : 찬양팀 초창기때

Hanbit Bible church has an interesting group of people. We have around 14 young people as far as I know and only 6 of them are single including me and all others are married. But we are all in the similar age group I think. and most of them are guys as you can see in the picture. And all of those guys except one are engineering major, computer, mechanical, electronic etc. It means we are all sharing common background which is good for fellowship. But I found out this common ground can be a barrier to others, like new comers or non-engineering related people. On Sunday, we went to the beach. somewhere near Santa Cruise. It was awesome and we had a good time. We stayed at the beach for only 10 or 15min because it was too cold and windy, but coming to beach was something common among us over the time after the service on Sunday. I hope we can have more time like this...
This is newly arranged praise team. We got new electronic drum and bass. When I was in Philly I always wanted to have these. At that time we had a great Key board and piano player but not these two. Here, Ironically, we have pretty good drum and bass player but not keyboard. Well, we have a great piano player though. As you can see five guys including me are praise team which is direct opposite when I was in Philly. Anyway we did pretty good job I think and people are more excited about new praise revival(?). God will send a wave but not always. Our duty is to recognize that wave and ride on it. I believe this is the time....


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