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Event : Military

Can you believe this is me? looks tough isn't it? I was in Field Artillery Force(155mm). And this heavy weapon was my baby and sweetheart for 2 years. I had to take care of her very early in the morning and late afternoon every day. I was around 22 years old. My skill was the best in our camp. It was easy job for me because my major in school was mechanical engineering and I had a good sense of shooting something like basketball. You know how good I am at basketball. But life in military was boring.

When I was in the camp several girls came to visit me but one girl didn't come. She is the one I was waiting for always. I gave her this picture because I thought this is the best picture I have at that time and looked cool to me. But she didn't like the military soldier. I think she liked city guy or intelligent-looking. What happened to her and me after military service? nothing. She got married and I found others. When you go to military it is a matter of time to lose someone you like and the memory you kept in your heart.

Overall I am proud of myself that I served the country and went through such a difficult time.