Chariot of Fire (Erick Liddell)
"He who honors me, I will honor"

below is the actual 400 m race

Erick Liddell refused to run on Lord's day, because he honors God by keeping his Sabbath.
We, Christians, consider Sunday worship lightly. If we have some family event such as ski trip or birthday party, we think it is ok to skip Sunday worship service. Our excuse can be that we are not under the Laws, but Grace. We think that God will understand us. I believe he does, but at least that is not what honoring God is.

So Erick Liddell decided to run 400m on other day, but he was not trained for 400m. Many people thought that it is impossible in olympic that 100m racer can run on 400m, which is pretty common sense. But amazing thing happened in olympic history. He won the race with beating world record. In the movie he said, "God made me for a purpose, but also fast."

Another way to honor God is living what God has made you for. Erick believed God made him as a runner. That is why he is good at it and he lives for running. Not in order to win an Olympic gold medal, or to be the best in the world, or making a lot of money, but just because God made him so. This is what honoring God means.