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I was searching an original source for the reference that Tim Keller used in his sermon, “Gospel” based on Isaiah 53. The reference was “Christ wins our salvation through losing…” Tim Keller mentioned that it was from a writer, but did not mentioned the name. I was searching and most of blogs uses it as Tim Keller’s quote. The search found a book, “The Gospel as Center”, which Tim Keller were co-edited with DA Carson and at the end of book as an appendix I found “The Gospel Coalition.” It was well written writing about the essence of gospel. I thought it was very good resource to study and share with other. As I study the entire pdf document I found that this writing came from this web site

This video is interesting because it talks about Christian ministers, full time or lay person, who are fully occupied by church work and have no family life or others. What is biblical warrant for this type of minister? Is it good or bad? Some pastor teaches all Christians are priest (만인제사장), so they need to be involved with some kind of ministry? Is this right or biblical? There could be an extreme case, in which pastor think that his role is teaching on Sunday and actual ministry should be done by the congregation. In this short discussion, Tim Keller and other ministers all agreed with that people want a pastor, not just a theological teacher. And in large church we have a problem with using people for lots of ministries without really shepherding them.